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November 2, 2011

Lady Ninja Kasumi 4 (2007) | DVDrip | 700MB | Mediafire | 18++

Title : Lady Ninja Kasumi 4 (2007)
imdb : -
Rating : -
Genre : Action, Drama , BB17++
Duration : 75 min
Release date : 2007
Stars : Akiho Yoshizawa, Mankichi Maeda, Masato Takaoka, Yui Komiya, Miho Yoshino, Masumi Ogawa
Sinopsis :
The 4th installment of ‘Kasumi’, direct-to-video erotic ninja action series based on the manga by Youji Kanbayashi & Jin Hirano. – Kasumi is a female ninja working for Sanada clan. While searching for the scroll which describes some secret about Osaka Castle, she is saved by Sakichi, anotherninja from Sanada. He is actually an ex-ninja. He has quiited when he lost his sweetheart in the battle. Shortly afterwards, Kasumi is captured by Hattori clan. Sakichi is the only one who cn save her from Hattori. When Sakichi learns Kasumi also lost her family in the battle, he is determined to return as a ninja. (Later, Sakichi is to become a great ninja under the name Sarutobi Sasuke
In Lady Ninja Kasumi Vol. 4 (Sanada Kunoichi Ninpoden Kasumi Tanjou! Sarutobisasuke, 2007) AV actress Akiho Yoshizawa takes over the role of the seductive female ninja Kasumi. This time around, her Sanada clan elder asks a former member named Sakichi to help Kasumi with a certain mission, but is quickly turned down. Kasumi is subsequently sent on this dangerous mission alone, but when she’s captured Sakichi comes to her rescue. Meanwhile, Kasumi settles a score with a particular female ninja rival.

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